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B L Harvey Preschool and Academy Preschool Environment

Our preschool curriculum is based on providing a very hands-on learning environment for the children; this means that your child is provided with a very structured and stimulating preschool experience. We offer them a weekly based theme curriculum, which focuses on enhancing and encouraging the children to have a love for learning.

By offering your child a structured and exciting environment, they will be kept busy and will be inspired to discover new and exciting things.

Our curriculum also offers our students countless opportunities to explore the environment around them. It helps them become more independent and encourages them to become more confident in themselves and their choices as well.

Each different weekly based theme has all of the following elements:

Arts & Crafts / Language / Story / Writing / Music / Science / Math / while also providing activities that enhance your child’s small and large gross motor skills. While keeping with the theme-based curriculum, the children will also learn new colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and new concepts each month.

Our well-thought-out curriculum helps in motivating the children to communicate and be social with others—to befriend others, to participate in group activities, and to help them refine their social and cooperating skills, such as sharing, listening, and following directions.

Our preschool curriculum at B L Harvey Preschool and Academy does not only offer your child an all-out learning experience on a daily basis, but it also helps them develop the skills they need to be ready for kindergarten and life experiences.

Our preschool program provides your preschooler with the special ingredients that are needed to help your child “Learn & Grow.”